There is growing recognition that natural capital – our soil, air, water, and biodiversity – is fundamental to the future of food and fibre production. But what is natural capital? How do we build it? How can we monetise it? And – how can we accelerate nature positive agriculture at scale, to deliver real climate change solutions?

Join Impact Ag Partners as we deep dive into these questions and more.

SARA SCHMUDE ON ECOSYSTEM SERVICES: The unsung hero of productive, profitable agriculture

Ecosystem services, once the purview of non-profits, are now recognised as vital to agricultural productivity, resilience, and sustainability. But what are they? How do they benefit us? And what can we do to protect them?

BERT GLOVER ON EXPORTING AUSTRALIAN regenerative farming IP to US ranches

The magnificent Matador Ranch covers 412,000 acres of Montana, USA. What a stage for Impact Ag Partners to showcase our proven Aussie regenerative agriculture techniques to create profitable, sustainable ranching – and inspire global change.