Impact Ag Partners specialise in unlocking the value of natural capital. For every property and business we work across, that means identifying the current stock of natural capital, investigating all opportunities to create more value from it, then pursuing strategies that deliver enhanced – stacked – returns for investors, communities, and ecosystems alike.

Through our tailored advisory, asset, and investment management services, we offer clients – from global equity and private capital investors to large scale agricultural businesses – the solutions they need to meet natural capital objectives, by:

  • Transitioning to regenerative agricultural practices for healthier soils, plants, animals, and ecosystems that enhance productivity.
  • Boosting profitability through efficient asset utilisation and low-cost operations.
  • Creating revenue streams from natural capital, through soil and vegetation carbon markets, biodiversity offsets, green finance, renewable energy, and certification programs for product premiums.
  • Investing in our team and local communities for shared impact.
  • From initial engagement to implementation and beyond, transparency and collaboration drive our approach – ensuring enduring partnerships that amplify impact for nature and profit.


Impact Ag Partners has a strong track record of raising and deploying capital to secure institutional-grade diversified returns from resilient food and fibre production systems and ecosystem markets.

Partnering with global private equity and global fund managers, we work at scale to accelerate agriculture’s transition to a nature positive future, deploying capital to enhance natural assets and implement profitable regenerative practices such as planned grazing, reduced tillage, cover cropping, and environmental plantings of native vegetation. These strategic partnerships provide diversified value streams and capital appreciation, while also helping to drive land management transition at scale.

We have transitioned to raising and deploying our own capital, too – including a joint venture with SLM Partners, the SLM Agri Carbon Fund, to scale up regenerative, low-carbon farming systems in Australia; and, to expand our global impact, the launch of a US-based IPO (alongside our US partner, Riverstone Holdings) to develop and advance a platform for decarbonising the traditional agriculture sector and enhancing natural capital at scale.


Impact Ag Partners works with institutional investors and family offices to acquire, develop, and operate premium agricultural assets using regenerative farming practices – generating value from both monetising natural capital and optimising food and fibre production.

We have a proven track record in deploying capital – having acquired and managed more than 20 properties totalling over 600,000 acres since our founding in 2010. Over that time, our experienced team has implemented regenerative production systems for beef, sheep, wheat, annual and permanent crops, as well as delivering ecosystem services payments to investors.

Our full-service asset management offering includes:
  • Developing a tailored Farm Management Plan for each property
  • Recruiting and managing farm staff
  • Overseeing capital development (e.g. fencing, pastures)
  • Implementing regenerative farming practices
  • Developing carbon and other natural capital projects
  • Marketing commodities and environmental credits
  • Managing farm administration, bookkeeping, HR & compliance reporting.

Leveraging our deep operational expertise, and proprietary Green Box IP, we deliver institutional grade stacked returns to investors across our asset management portfolio.


With nearly two decades of experience in real asset management, regenerative farming, and natural capital monetisation, Impact Ag Partners has transitioned to include a full-service strategic advisory – assisting other businesses across the agrifood and investment ecosystems to meet their nature positive objectives, too.

From investment strategy, due diligence and acquisition to regenerative transition and capitalising on ecosystem markets – we have the team, experience, and track record to help your business unlock value from your natural capital.


The Impact Ag Green Box is our unique edge – and your assurance of strong returns. It’s everything we’ve learned about farming for nature and profit, wrapped up in one unique toolkit for managing and commercialising natural capital. And it’s something no other agricultural investment and development company has.

Developed and refined through years of expertise in real asset management and natural capital development, the Impact Ag Green Box stands as a testament to our enduring success – and a proven pathway to yours.

Our core IP, the Impact Ag Green Box is the enabler that underpins our entire service offering – optimising returns for nature and profit by providing tailored value-adding solutions for:

  • Land use change and transition to regenerative management
  • Biodiversity offsets and ecological verification
  • Carbon farming
  • Green finance
  • Renewable energy
  • Product premiums.